Tribal Psychology in Corporate Change: 7 ways to overcome “Us-versus-Them”

< 10-minute read

“How do they not get it?”  “Why do they think that way?” "Why do they behave that way?"

How often do you find yourself asking such questions?

The distinction within these questions is, of course, the pronoun they. At times consciously and at other times, subconsciously, we all have moments where we participate in, and observe others participate in, us-versus-them dramas. Read on to learn why and how to prevent it.

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How to Change Someone's Mind

< 5-minute read

How do you change someone’s mind? I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately--not only for my work, but also in light of our current political climate. With the dichotomy of opinions blasted all over television and social media right now, it’s hard to not think about it. Can people change? Researchers discovered an unexpected treasure trove of data and are uncovering the very elements needed to change someone's mind...

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Welcome to the Gig Economy...Are you ready for it?

< 3-minute read

The Gig Economy is here, which means your personal brand can mean the difference between landing a gig or not. How can you build your personal brand to stand out from the crowd, zero in on your strengths and value offering, and present an image that ties it all together. This article includes steps to take and questions to answer to clarify and build your personal brand.

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